ASM10 assault rifle stats in cod mobile

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Hello gamer’s my name is Dellso(Mayank) and I’m gonna give you Basic info about ASM10 assault rifle in cod mobile.

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ASM10 is the Russian variant of AK-47. In 1969 Russia make ASM assault rifle model to fight on the ground as well as in the water. If you want to know all history about ASM10 you can check out Wikipedia.

ASM10 is Higher damage and high accuracy assault rifle in cod mobile and real life. This gun reduce movement speed and increase reload time but players can fight from long range as well as to close range. In call of duty mobile this game take 3 bullets to kill enemies players.

ASM10 Stats without attachment in cod mobile


Stats of ASM without attachment

Stats NameStats Value
Damage 49
Fire rate55
Asm10 cod mobile stats

Advantage and disadvantaged of ASM10 cod mobile


  • ASM10 have high damage so kill players is to easy and fast.
  • ASM10 have high accuracy so players don’t need to much effort to aim enemy players.
  • Easy to recoil control.
  • With this gun players can fight in ground as well as water. And this gun is good for long range fight also.


  • With this ASM10 players movement decrease
  • Realod time is to high
  • For long range players need to make more work to control recoil.

Disadvantages make players don’t like this gun but there is solution for this type of problems in cod mobile.

Players can make gunsmith according her Playstyle and improve Gun Stats. Here is some ASM gunsmith for multiplayer in cod mobile check out if you want :- ASM10 Gunsmith

In cod mobile players can use different parks to improve gameplay according to play style

Best perks for ASM10 in cod mobile

In cod mobile Multiplayer players can select 3 different types of perks to play game. Here is the list of best perks for this gun.


  • Persistent
  • Light weight
  • Flak jacket

Green perks

  • Toughness
  • Hardwired
  • Vulture

Blue Perks

  • Dead Silent
  • Shrapnel
  • Hardline

Alert :- Pro players of cod mobile don’t selecte perks according to Gun but select according to gaming mode like

Legendary ASM10 cod mobile attachment

Attachment type Attachment
Barrel MIP Light Barrel
StockNo Stock
PerkMelee Master
Ammunition40 Round Extended Mag
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape
Legendary ASM10 Attachment ( ASM10 – Bunker Buster)

Stats of legendary ASM10 Loadout Gunsmith

  • Damage :- 49
  • Fire rate :- 55
  • Accuracy :- 72
  • Mobility :- 60
  • Range :- 48
  • Control :- 52

That’s it for today I hope you get good information about ASM10 cod mobile. Check out other content regarding call of duty Mobile.

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