Basic information about Domination mode in codm

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Basic information about Domination mode in codm

Hello gamers
          So in this article we just talk about basic information of Domination mode like what is Domination mode, Domination location of every map,best parks and best utility. So stay tuned I hope you enjoy to reading article and gain some information.
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What is Domination mode in codm |call of duty mobile?

           Domination is basically teams need fight for capture 3 place(A, B and C) gain as much as possible point. players can respawn near to own players after die.
          Also in Domination mode kill count don’t affect the point in domination mode.
  • In start of game teams spawn near any 1 point from A or C. Which is easy for capture. But capture B is very hard to capture and hold it.
  • If any team reach 75 point side of spawn change(we call first half to change strategies). After the first half teams need to fight to reach 150 point. The team that reaches first  150 point will win.

Domination location for every map in codm

       In call of duty mobile if we know capture point location proper.
      we have plus one chance to win the game and we can predict were can be enemies players holding and campaign.
       In Domination  every map 3 place we can see in map name as A, B and C need to capture.
       So i will give you location name here for every map.


A. Guerrilla Base
C. Special forces base


Firing Range

A. Barracks HuT
B. Mid Square
C. Clearing Area
Firing Range


A. Spacial force base
B. Shortcut
C. Ware room



A. Spacial force Base
B. Spacial force Avenue
C. Guelrrilla base


A. Comms station
B. Maintenance
C. Generator


A. Guelrrilla base
B. Crash land
C. Spacial force Base


A. Garden
B. Square center
C. Garage


A. Red gate
B. House B
C. Loading area

Hackney Yard

A. Tireshope
B. Warehouse
C. Deckhouse
Hackney Yard

Shipment 1944

A. Cliffside
B.Main passage
C. Crane
Shipment 1944



A. Departure hall
B. Parking apron
C. Dinning room


A. Crane area
B. Fountain
C.  Loading area



A. Cable car platform
B. Control room no. 2
C. Edge platform


A. Spacial force Base
B. Helicopter
C. Guelrrilla base

Which is best parks for Domination mode in codm?

  • persistent or flack jacket (red)
  • Vulture or Toughness (green)
  • High alert or hard line (blue)

Which is best utilities for Domination(Tactics and Lethal) in codm?

  • Trophy system
  • Concussion Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Thermite


Which is Best scorestricks for Domination in codm?

  • VTOL,
  • XS1 Goliath
  • Stealth chopper
  • Cluster strike
  • Sentry Gun
  • UAV
  • Make best combo of above ( I will make after some time)

Which is best operator skill for Domination in codm?

  • Annihilator
  • Transform shield
  • War machine
  • Gravity spikes
  • Ballistic shield
That’s it gamers I hope this information help you and become pro in call of duty mobile. Make sure to check other article also.
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