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 So today we talk about best multiplayer games for mobile in eSports in india

      If you interested to make career on mobile eSports then here are some games. 

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


      In this game 100 player in same lobby fight with each other for survive and win the chicken dinner. In this game there are four different maps 

Erangel (Alpha Map) a Russian map.

Miramar (Map 2) a Central America sand map.

Vikendi (Map 3) an Adriatic island snow map.

Sanhok (Map 4) a Southeast Asian forest map

And new map LIVIK which have 50 – 52 player battleground. 

Famous eSports players in india

Soul mortal(Naman mathur) , scout, mavi, krontan etc. 

 App link:- (for india link update after unban PUBG) this link for global version) 

2.Call of Duty: Mobile


        This game is competitor of PUBG mobile. This game multiplayer traditional 5v5 team-based combat. Which have 8 different bases fight to reach at point 50.This game also map of 100 player battle for survive. 


App link:-

3. Clash Royal

        Clash Royale is a freemium real-time strategy . This game is 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 player game . This game is 3 minutes player vs player game any one player destroy tower he will win the game . In this game Playable troops, buildings, and spells are represented as cards. Each card costs a certain amount of elixir to play. This game have clan war. 

App link:-

4. Brawl stars

             Brawl start is one of the best game in  players vs players online game. In this game maximum 3 vs 3 players part one time in game, this game  have to many brawlers hero thay have different different ability to fight against there competitor. Also this game different different mods to play like gems greb, showdown, brawl ball( like football) , super city rampage, hot zone and many more mods

       This game also have brawl pass like pubg have battle pass 

 Game link:-

That’s it for today if I get more game than I will definitely update in this blog so  stay tuned

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