Best way to use Dead silence in cod mobile

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  Call of duty mobile is one of the best battle Game is mobile. In call of duty mobile players don’t fight with only guns, But players can use to many new technology to win the games like 

Hello gamer’s my name is Dellso( mayank) and I’m gonna give you information about Dead silence in cod mobile.

In call of duty Mobile we get 4 different type of perks to play game like

  • Red perks
  • Green perks
  • Blue Perks
  • Attachment perks

Dead silence perks come in Blue type perks. And this perk you can use only in multiplayer cod mobile.

Dead silence

Dead silence function in cod mobile

Dead silence basically provide ability to players silent movement while walking, crouching or going prone.

Also it’s make sound spreading distance shorter while sprinting.

Dead silence perk Function in cod mobile

How to use Dead silence in cod mobile?

There are to many ways to play with dead silence in cod mobile. Here I can provide you some my best way to use dead silence while I play the game.

  • Dead silence perks don’t make noise while we move so with this perks I try to rush enemies players by long flank or don’t fight in face to face. This strategy more use full in search and destroy mode of cod mobile.
  • Some time enemies players take advantage of footsteps and camp or holding position to kill our player’s . So we can take advantage of dead silence to kill this type of enemies players.
  • By Dead silence you can got to take close range fight in cod mobile multiplayer mode.
  • Dead silence Perks is not only usefull in search and destroy mode but there are to many benefits on Hardpoint and Domination mode also like player don’t predict you movement while you rushing them, you can hold any camping position and many more.

How to equipment Dead silence in cod mobile?

After new update in season 8 there are many new things come to make game excited and easy way to use game. So in season 8 call of duty mobile add Loadout and gunsmith option. In Loadout you can equipment Guns, Scoretriks, Perks and many more.

So here is the steps to Equipment Dead silence Perks in cod mobile

  • Open game
  • Now you see lobby of cod mobile. In the bottom of the lobby you can see Loadout option open that option
Cod mobile lobby
  • Now you can see 4 Different type option Go to Multiplayer option
Multiplayer option
  • Now you can see Multiplayer Loadout lobby. In that Loadout lobby right corner you can see 3 different colors some Perks like Red, Green and Blue. Select blue perks
blue Perk
  • Now find Dead silence Name perks and right side you can see Equipment option. Select that option.
Dead silence perk in cod mobile

That’s by this way you can select in 10 different Loadout if you want or by this way you can equipment any perks in cod mobile.

Q&A For Dead silence in cod mobile

How to get Dead silence in cod mobile?

After playing cod mobile if player reach at profile level 27 players will get dead silence as a reward.if call of duty mobile change this reward players need to buy from shop by cod coin which earn by playing game easily.

How to counters Dead silence player’s?

In cof mobile to many way to counter Dead silence players like play accurate or check all position around you in the game Or you can use alert perks which show you in mini map if any players close to you.

That’s it gamers I hope you get all information about dead silence in cod mobile. Make sure to check my other content also regarding cod mobile.

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