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Hello gamer’s 
           In this article you can see information about call of duty mobile Hud settings like this 
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  • 3 finger claw cod mobile
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Call of duty is one of the best mobile game in the gaming world. Call of duty mobile Cross 200+ million download in 2020.
      In call of duty mobile we can see 2 type of hud option
  • Autofire
  • Shooting
Most of other website and YouTube video only give you information about shooting mode only 
But, I will  give you information about  shooting mod hud as well Autofire mode hud . So stay tuned. 
My article written style is asking questions and give answer for better understand. So my first question is.…. 

How many hud setting modes in call of duty mobile? 

Call of duty mobile have 2 hud setting 
  1. Simple mode(autofire) 
  2. Advance mode(shooting mode)
Type of hud setting
Simple mode :- In simple mode player can fire bullets without firing batten
Advanced mode :- In advance mode player can fire bullets with firing batten
So let’s start with

Simple mode hud setting

Most of the pro players in this game don’t play simple mode hud in call of duty mobile because of autofire I think, But simple mode is not bad if we use properly and with good hud.

What is benefit of simple mode hud? 

The main benefit of simple mode hud is don’t west more Bullets, easy to aim and more flexibility
Here is the hud without customized given by codm
Normal Autofire hud
Which is comfortable for 2 fingers players. But I am not a 2 fingers players so I don’t suggest more 2 fingers hud . 
So  don’t West your time and go to 

3 fingers hud  for Autofire

  • Comfortable more with right hand  3 fingers hud
 Right hand 3 fingers hud for Autofire(simple mode)
  • Comfortable more with left hand 3 fingers hud
left hand 3 fingers hud(auto fire)
Now this hud is for those who have not good touch sensitive and don’t use combined hold crouch to prone that much effective.

So for this hud you need to off hiden prone button from basic setting which I mark with red rectangular in Picture. 

And this hud setting more helpfull in battle Royal mode in call of duty mobile. 
After this setting you can find separate prone on the right side corner. From this button I make different hud for 4 fingers. 

For Non gyroscope users

Auto fire non gyroscope hud

For gyroscope user

Auto fire  gyroscope hud

What is disadvantaged of simple mode hud? 

In simple mode hud players can not fire bullets , some time game don’t fire bullets when players want fire bullets, player can’t fire wall bangs and player don’t feel he plying game without fire button. 
That’s it for the simple mode hud. I hope this information helpful for you. 
Now let’s go towards 

Advanced mode huds, 

In advance mode you can select three option
  1. 1-tap ADS
 you can see in picture
Advanced mode setting
1-tap ADS :-  In this option you can scope open and fire gun whit fire button and without pressing ADS button. 
HIP FIRE  :- In this option you need to press ADS button for scope in and out. 
CUSTOM :- In this option you can customize for every gun like you want to fire 1-tap ADS or HIP FIRE. 
My all huds are CUSTOM huds. My CUSTOM is I use 1 tap ads in snipers and bolt action only and all other guns AR, SMG, LMG are in Hip fire option. 
Now here is the hud given by call of duty mobile. 


2 finger hud

Now I’m not players of 2 fingers but I can suggest 1 hud that give you some idea for you hud. 
  • With hiden pron button
  • Without hide prone button

3 fingers hud

  • 3 fingers hud ( for non gyroscope) 
For non gyroscope sensitivity 3 fingers hud( with hiden prone button) 
Non gyroscope sensitivity 3 fingers hud (without hiden prone button) 

  • 3 fingers hud ( for gyroscope) 
With hiden prone button
Without hiden prone button

4 fingers hud


  • 4 fingers hud for non gyroscope
4 fingers hud for non gyroscope sensitivity ( with hiden pron button) 

4 fingers hud for non gyroscope sensitivity ( without hiden pron button) 


  • 4 fingers hud for gyroscope
4 fingers hud for gyroscope sensitivity with hide pron button. Here i use same as no gyroscope hud 
4 fingers hud for gyroscope sensitivity without hide pron button. 
That’s it gamers I hope this huds give some ideas for you comfortable huds. 
Tips:-  if your left hand player  change above huds fire button to right side and right above all move to left side which give you more comfortable to play games. 
I hope you like it. 
I will post upcoming day about sensitivity so make sure to check it. 
Thank you for visit the article. 
Avjo bye
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