Call of duty mobile new season 13 update out now

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     After complete of season 12  of call of duty mobile. Player’s bord to play same type of gameplay and frustrate by glitches or metas. And players complain about  leaderboard section. So call of duty mobile bring new season for more fun, more improvement in game and for more content and many more character and guns. So stay tuned for all information about new update  season 13 in call of duty mobile.

What is size of new update of call of duty mobile season 13? 

The size of new update is 
  • Android :- 1.8 GB + more in internal
  • OS           :- 2.4 GB + more in internal

What is name of new season 13 update?

  • New season 13 update name is “WINT3R WAR”.
It’s look like call of duty mobile want to give us feel of winter in winter season. 

What is new in season 13 update in call of duty mobile? 

There are many new update. I make list of update below
  • New rank system
  • New updated maps
  • New diamond camo
  • New guns
  • New Battle Royal map event update
  • New Scorestreaks
  • New bundles
  • New Store layout
Now I can explain you ever new update in details. 

New rank system

The new rank system start from 22/12/2020. The don’t reveals the new rank system right now but the post in upcoming events

New updated maps

There are 3 new events map is incoming 
  1. Winter prop hunt
  2. RAID- HOLIDAY(Official tweet by call of duty mobile
  3. NukeTown Rusia



New Diamond camo

After players grid and unlock camo there are 3 legendary camo only. So call of duty mobile add one new legendary look camo is Diamond. 

New guns

There are officially 2 new guns announced
  1. XPQ-SMG 


  2. Mk-2 (AR) 


New Battle Royal map event update

In new battle Royal map event update they add snow in map to feel winter. And also the add Snowboarding skill in the battle Royal game mode. 

New Scorestreaks

They add new Scorestreaks called as EMP System. Which is used to destroy other 



New Bundles( lucky drow) 

They gonna add many more bundle but they just post right now only one lucky drow
  • Holiday Drow Redux

New Store layout 

They change store old layout to new layout. It’s look like…… 
New Store layout 


That’s it gamer’s for today. I hope you enjoy it (if there is no any picture am really really sorry  for the Google  glitch don’t let me add picture) 

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