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Call of Duty: Warzone features is coming to call of duty mobile

            Hello Gamers recently call of duty mobile l Release Chinese version of call of duty mobile. Or we can say call of duty warzone mobile.In Chinese version there some different features add than global version of call of duty mobile. 
            In Chinese  call of duty mobile there are some Call of Duty: Warzone Features are add battle Royale mode like, 
  • Buy station
  1. Gulag
  2. revive Teammates
  3. self revival
  4. Heartbeat scanner
  5. Buy Amos, guns and armor
  6. Buy Upgrade chip

Buy station

       Buy station is a shop where you can revive, buy LOADOUT drop, buy UAV, Self revive, amoa, armor and perks.
  • Due to Buy station call of duty: warzone players more enjoy the game and make more fun gameplay. 
  • To buy this all stuff players need to collect money in call of duty: warzone but in call of duty mobile may be we say cod coins. 
Buy station

What is Gulag

       Gulag is the place when players kill by enemies in battle Royale first time this game give player one more chance to go in battle filed by winning 1 vs 1 in Gulag small multiplayer map. If you die in Gulag your teammates need to revive by collecting 450 cod coins and go to buy station to revive. 
  • This mode call of duty: warzone players enjoy more.I hope we also enjoy in call of duty mobile and say enemies players see you in Gulag ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. 

How to revive Teammates in call of duty mobile? 

        As I say in Gulag after first time kill by enemies.and if players loss 1 vs 1 In Gulag your teammates need to revive by collecting 450 cod coins and go to shop( buy station) and select this option. 

Revive teammates

  • Also in picture we can see 2 number which is indicated your teammates can revive you only 2 times
  • But In warzone you can revive unlimited time if you have enough money. 

What is self revival in call of duty? 

       Self revive is basically apply medical kite on self like self treatment. Buy self revive if you knocked by enemies players you can use self revive and than game can allow you fight with enemies. 
  • If you have self revive your players don’t need to revive you in fight. You can use self revive getup fight with enemies ( self revive look like adrenaline) 
  • For self revive players need to collect 400 Cod coins

Self revive

What is Enemies Heartbeat scanner? 

        Heartbeat scanner is scorestricks in battle Royale mode which is use for scanning near enemies players. And it can be indicated as dot in heartbeat scanner
  • There is one limitations  of this scorestricks if enemies players equip gost perk enemies players heartbeat can’t be detected in heartbeat scanner. 
  • To buy heartbeat scanner you need to collect 100 cod coins. 
Heartbeat scanner

How to buy amos, Guns, perk and armor plat in call of duty mobile?  

             To buy amos, guns,perk and armor plat in call of duty mobile you need time collect coins and go to shop and buy what you want. 
  • To buy Amos you need to collect 100 cod coins in call of duty mobile but in call of duty warzone small different player need to buy amo box which  share with teammates also. 

  • To buy guns you need to collect 150 cod coins. In guns this is not conform that can player can buy any gun he wants this may be control by game developers. Player can buy some guns only according to season update. 

  • To buy perks players need to collect 200 cod coins. This perk can be legendary perks which is hard to find in global version of calll of duty mobile.


  • To buy armor plates player need to collect 50 cod coins. Which is used for repair armor. 

How to buy Upgrade chip? 

To buy Upgrade chip player need to collect 250 cod coins. And buy as I say in above all question answer. 

Can I buy LOADOUT Drop? 

Yes, in Chinese version of call of duty mobile they add option to buy Loadout like call of duty: warzone. But in Global version for drop players need to wait for air drop. 


           UAV is the scorestricks which is used to scan player location. Which is indicate in map by red dot. In warzone player can buy double use to convert in advance UAV. 
  • To buy UAV player need to collect 500 cod coins. 

  • There are to many more update warzone Features in Chinese codm like movement, change in class and many more. 

              That’s for today gamers I hope you get some information. Make sure to check other content of call of duty mobile like.

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