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          Call of duty mobile is one of the best battle Game is mobile. In call of duty mobile players don’t fight with only guns, But players can use to many new technology to win the games like 

  • Class 
  • Score strikes
  • Operator skills
  • Gunsmith and Loadout

       In this article we just talk about class in call of duty mobile. So let me give you overview about this article. 

What is class in call of duty mobile?

Class is special ability of soldiers in call of duty mobile like some of soldiers is ninja, some of them are good in scouting, some of them is good in hacking, some of soldiers see enemies by smoke and many more ability. 

In call of duty mobile player can select only one ability on battle royale mode. Also if player play in dual and squad that team need to select different different class to play battle royale. 

Player can not use same class from same team. 

How to get any class in call of duty mobile?

As a professional Call of Duty Mobile player, I’m always looking for ways to improve my game and stay ahead of the competition. One of the most important improvements you can make is to unlock all the different factions in the game. Each class has its own advantages and abilities; so unlocking these will give you more options and help you find the class that best suits your game.

There are two ways to open a class in Call of Duty Mobile:

1.Complete challenges in each category. 

To view contests in a specific category, go to the Loading menu and select the category you want to open. Contests will be listed under the Unlocked tab.

2.  Use COD Points to purchase lessons.

COD Points are useful in Call of Duty Mobile. You can use these to purchase various items including crafts, weapons, and skins.

If you’re a free-to-play player, the best way to unlock jobs is to complete challenges. These challenges may be a little difficult, but they are possible. Just play the game and you will eventually unlock all classes.

If you want to spend some money, you can buy courses with COD points. This is a faster way to open a class, but it is also more expensive.

Some tips for completing class challenges:

  •  Participate in ranked challenges. 
Ranked matches are harder than general matches, but they also give you more experience points and other rewards. This means you can unlock jobs faster if you compete in competitive games.

  • Use weapons and equipment correctly. 

Every job has its pros and cons. Make sure you’re using the correct weapons and equipment for the class you’re trying to unlock.

  • Play with your friends

 Playing with friends can make the challenge easier to complete. You can help each other and work together to achieve your goals.

Some tips for using COD points to purchase classes:

  • Sold out

COD points usually disappear during the sale, so it’s best to wait until after the sale before purchasing.

  • Purchase Package

Most packages include classes and other items at a discounted price.

* **REQUIRED TO PURCHASE LESSONS** COD content can be expensive, so it’s important to only purchase the courses you really need and want.

Whichever path you choose, unlocking all classes in Call of Duty Mobile is a great way to improve your game and stay ahead of the competition.

What does upgrade terminal do in cod mobile? 

Detail of Every class in cod mobile

There is now 11 classes,but call of duty mobile try to add new classes for every new season. Now let’s classes name and small information about classes in call of duty mobile battle Royale mode. 

#1 Scout

Scout class is basically Sensor Dart. Which is reveal enemies location under some radius and make mark on map also make holographic view for 1 and 2 second. Scout class also track ( shows footprint) for several second. 

Upgrade:- when player upgrade scout class they get more radius for revel enemies and second of location info is also increase. 

#2 Clown

Clown class is basically Toy Bomb. 
To use Clown player need to just throw like bomb and also it look like Toy bomb. 
When player throw clown there spawn Zombies near you Toy bomb to protect it . Also zombie finding enemies and attack him to kill. And toy bomb blast it self after some second.If players use clown class enemies players clown class zombies don’t attack the players if players away 15 meters. 

Upgrade:- Upgrade class of Clown give more range to zombies to kill enemies and toy bomb blast range also increase. 


Medic class is basically doctor(Medical station) of the team. This class can heal all teammates health from 0 to 100 Hp. Also this class reduce time required for healing and bringing back knockdown teammates by 25%. 
  • To use Medic class player just need to tap the class and all teammates should be in blue color circle to increase health or recover health. 

Upgrade:- upgrade class of the Medic is just increase health or recover health more fast than without upgrade class. 


Ninja class is one of the best class in this game. By ninja class we can get  any hight  we want in this Game, by ninja class we go any building tope easily, we can use ninja on trees, ground and many more. Also when player use ninja class player get dead silence. 
  • To use ninja class player just need to aim long press class button where he want to use ninja and tap the button of class. 

Upgrade:- Upgrade class of ninja give space  3 hooks to use one time, but in without upgrade class we can collect 2 hooks only. 


Defender class is most annoying class to enemies because it’s blind enemies for  4 to 5 second and give him/her(enemies) mobile screen blank. Also defender class give cover to the players. Defender class players are the most aggressive players in this game. 
  • To use defender class players need to go front of the enemy players and tap the class button. It Will give players shield to cover and blind enemies for 5 second. 
Upgrade:- Upgrade class give more safe cover for long time and consume more damage from enemies guns bullets and many more. 


Mechanical class main skill is EMP DRONE . When players use Mechanic class the drone flying on the air and find near enemies. If drone find any enemies DRONE attack emp continually on enemies which slow the enemies player and make glitch effect on enemies players device screen. Also By the Mechanic Class player can see nearby vehicle behind the wall also.
  • To use Mechanic class player need to just tap on the class icon. 

Upgrade:-  Upgrade class give EMP attack  on enemies player for more time. 


Trickster class is basically PYSCHOSIS. This class ability is to confuse enemies player by PYSCHOSIS . When player use this class enemies player can see 2 more holographic clone of the trickster class player. And also trickster class player footsteps of  enemies more clear. 
  • The best way to use this class is go on the any cover > use class first let go to clone and move after them. 

Upgrade :- Upgrade class give more time to clone  visible in the game. 


Airborne is one of the most use class in squad matches. This class is basically fly the players in the sky and move to next place for some distance. Also this class give light weight to players to fly in the sky. 
  • To use this class player need to find flat surface to mount airborne by hold class button and see where should you mount airborne. 
 Upgrade:-  Upgrade of this class will give more height and player can fly fore more range. 

Trap Master

Trap Master is one of the players favorites class in this game. Trap Master is basically Electricity trip wire. Trip wire is routes high voltage current line. Enemies passing through will take damaged and movement speed will decrease. 

Upgrade:- Upgrade class of trap Master will give  option to use 4 trap wire  continually in without upgrade class player can use only 3 trap wire. 
Also trap Master Class increase movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies. 


Poltergeist class is Active camo, which make invisible players for short duration of time. Also increase running and walking speed in stealth state. 
  • This class is more help full for take doctake, to reposition safe place and attack instantly on enemies. 

Upgrade:- Upgrade class of Poltergeist give skills of more invisible time to player. 

4 best class which player’s like to play in cod mobile battle royale

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