Firing range hardpoint rotations in call of duty mobile

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Hello  gamers (please be patient I upload high quality images so it will take time) 


                In this article I’m gonna give you some tips like firing range Hardpoint rotation and holding position for Hardpoint in call of duty mobile. 

      As  I mention in basic information of Hardpoint firing range have 4 Hardpoint location. 


  1. Branch road
  2. Command center
  3. Wight house
  4. Barracks hut

Spawn location in Hardpoint firing range

Game start spawn location
  • A. Backyards
  • B. Clearing area
After died players spawn to near his teammate players
  • C. Shower Room
  • D. Backyard

For rotation first I need  tell you location name
So for better understand I make name of location by alphabet and number. 
I hope you understand that easily or if you have any problem to understand please comment below. So let’s start


Location Name (firing range in call of duty mobile
  • A(Backyards) 
  • B(Clearing area) 
  • C(Shower Room) 
  • D(Backyard) 
  • 1(Branch road) 
  • 2(command center) 
  • 3(Wight house) 
  • 4(Barracks hut) 
  • a(Middle Lane) 
  • b(
  • C(auto repair) 
  • d(
  • e(Mid square) 
  • f(passageway) 
  • g(Shooting Range


Rotation and defending position for firing range  first Hardpoint

So over first Hardpoint in firing range is Branch road. 
Here is the possible rotation  for  Branch Road in firing range(prefer above image) 

Rotation from A spawn side (branch road) 

  •  A-4-1 ( short distance rotation) 
  • A-a-e-1( middle distance rotation) 
  • A-C-g-b (long distance rotation) 
  • A-f-d-1 (longest distance rotation) 

Rotation from B Spawn side (Branch road) 

  •  B-c’-1(short distance rotation) 
  • B-b-e-1 (middle distance rotation) 
  • B-d-1 ( long distance rotation) 

Rotation and defending position for firing range  Second Hardpoint

Second Hardpoint of firing range is Command center. Which is close to B spawn side. 
In second Hardpoint point mostly spawn location change at C and D. So I’m tall you rotation from there 

Rotation from C spawn side

  • C-g-2 (Short distance rotation) 
  • C-a-3-2( middle distance rotation) 
  • C-a-e-b-2 (long distance rotation) 
  • C-4-1-c’-2(longest distance rotation) 
  • A-f-d-b-2(for flank rotation) 

Rotation from D spawn side

  • D-B-2( short distance rotation) 
  • D-d-B-2 (middle distance rotation) 
  • D-d-c’-b-2 (long distance rotation) 
  • D-f-4-e-b-2 (flank rotation) 

Rotation and defending position for firing range  Third Hardpoint

Third Hardpoint of the firing range is Wight house. 

In third Hardpoint spawn location flipping in A-B-C-D, But here we only see rotation from A and B

Rotation from A spawn side ( Wight house) 

  • A-a-3 (Short distance rotation) 
  • A-C-3 (middle distance rotation) 
  • A-4-1-c’-b-3( long distance rotation) 

Rotation from  B spawn side (Wight house) 

  • B-2-3 (short distance rotation) 
  • B-b-e-3 (middle distance rotation) 
  • B-c’-1-e-3 (long distance rotation) 

Rotation and defending position for firing range Fourth Hardpoint

Fourth Hardpoint in firing range is Barracks hut
Spawn location for fourth Hardpoint I’m firing range is A and D 

Rotation from A spawn side(Barracks hut) 

  • A-4(short distance rotation) 
  • A-a-4(middle distance rotation) 
  • A-f-4 (long distance rotation) 

Rotation from D spawn side(Barracks hut) 

  • D-f-4 ( short distance rotation) 
  • D-d-1-4 (middle distance rotation) 
  • D-b-3-4 (long distance rotation

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