How INDIAN gaming streamers earn money more than 5lakhs in month?

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Kem cho? 

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   So today we talk about how Idian streamers earn money ? so here we go 

             In india biggest streaming platform is YouTube gaming. Were streamer  earn money by YouTube after 1k subscribe and 4000hr Watchtime (monetizing channel). But you think  YouTube can not give by streaming 5lakh par month, Yes you are right  but this not only way. YouTube give one more option super chet and members ship where viewers give money by super chet to streamers by impressed by the way the entertaining them and also the sponsored for month or years by taking members ship. 

Hmmm you think ok maan liya 1moths they earn 5 lakh but this is note possible for every month by YouTube Monetization and super chet ? 

Yes , This not possible for every months but not only streamers earn by YouTube. 

The best way or we say the streamers main earning source  is :-


    By affiliate marketing with Amazon or flipkart or many more they earn how much they want or the can earn more than the expect. 

Ok ,how the earn by affiliate marketing? 

Simple just create account with affiliate marketing source like Amazon affiliate program, flipkart affiliate program copy the link and just pest on the description of streaming or video


      So sponsor is the way streamers can earn more than 5 lakh rupees. Where companies sponsor for advertising there products in there streaming like mobile gaming phone, gaming computer, gaming  components etc. They can not sponsor by only gaming companies  they sponsor by movie, humans body care products etc. 

There are some pro players say that NAMAN MATHUR know as MORTAL  earn around 10lakh par months 

Ther are many more streamers like 

  • caryminaty (Ajey Nagar) 
  • Dynamo gaming  ( Adii Sawant) 

  •  Rakazone gaming (Rishab karanwal)

  • Xayaa (Shagufta Iqbal)

  •  Ankita C (Ankkita Chauhan) 



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