How to find codm sensitivity settings?
How to find codm sensitivity settings?
How to find codm sensitivity settings?


Hello gamers,In today article I will tall about how to find codm sensitivity setting. Not only way which I use but every way that you could find you best sensitivity in call of duty mobile. For learning how to find sensitivity don’t scroll this article like Instagram reels. So let’s go gamer’s 

         Now simple steps for learning in my blog is I asking a question and give them answer. If you know about the question than you can skip it and don’t waste you time. 

First we talk about, 

How we know sensitivity setting in not perfect? 

To know your sensitivity setting is perfect or not here is someone question compare it with you gameplay
  • When you playing your screen shake too much 
  • Your aim is move too fast or slow 
  • Your response time is slower than you enemies
  • You can turned back side to fast and enemies kill you always from back
  • When you firing gun guns move up and left or right and you can’t not aim on enemies proper
                   If this type of   problems not happening while you playing game than congratulations you have good sensitivity setting to play call of duty mobile. 
                If you face this above problem, than not too worries I’m here buddy just read the article and you will find best setting for your gameplay. And become pro player . If you become eSports players by this tips please don’t forget me😊. 

What is Rotation mode in sensitivity setting? 

  • Rotation mode is basically your device swipe sensitive like left or right and front and back. 
  • In normal words it’s your fingers speed sensitive, 
How much you wan a move your screen when you swipe you fingers in you device screen fast or slow or fixed speed. 


  1. Fixed Speed
  2. Distance Acceleration
  3. Speed Acceleration
1.Fixed Speed
                In fixed speed no matter how much fast or slow you swipe your device screen your players rotation is remain same. 
  • In Fixed speed sensitive is 120 which is fixed by game you can not change it.
  • If you feel 120 is more or low sensitive than change camera standard sensitive because rotation mode and camera  standard sensitive are connected. 
2.Distance Acceleration
            In Distance acceleration when first swipe screen normally after that you swipe second time your screen move foster than you first swipe speed. 

How to find sensitivity in Distance acceleration 

Go to training mode and swipe your device screen 180 degree normal like you play in game and swipe. Like this …
  1. Run and swipe ( turn 180 degree)  
  •    Chek this video on YouTube
2. Run slide + jump and tuned 180 degree 
  • Check this video on YouTube
3.Speed Acceleration 
          In speed Acceleration you game sense you finger swipe speed and move you player and Screen according to finger movement. 
How to find sensitivity in  speed acceleration:- for this sensitive you need to do same as Distance acceleration. 

What is sensitivity switch? 

            Sensitivity switch is when you want to change sensitive setting like camera sensitive to firing sensitive, camera sensitive to Gyroscope sensitivity. 
There are three option 
     You can select what you like most, I like switch while opening ADS more as comper to other. 

What is sensitivity persets? 

              Sensitivity present is sensitive for camera, firing and gyroscope. This have 4 level
  • LOW 
  • HIGH
       In custom you can customized you own sensitive. 
You can play on low, medium an high sensitive but trust me plying with them is too hard to control recoil and aim tressing. 

How to find camera sensitivity? 

In camera sensitivity you see first option is 
  • STANDARD SENSITIVITY witch is connected with rotation mode so you can find this sensitivity  by doing same as we find in rotational mode
  • Second is ADS SENSITIVITY . To find ads sensitivity you need to do this drill, check this video. 
  • Now to find all other camera sensitivity like all optics you need to equip scope in gunsmith optics section and do same aim tressing drill. 

How to find firing sensitivity? 

            In firing sensitivity there are some drills I make to find perfect sensitivity. If you don’t understand than please come to my YouTube channel and comment any video of my channel to upload videos about sensitivity. I will definitely upload for you. 
 To find firing sensitivity you need learn aim tressing with firing. 


Check this link of YouTube  for finding sensitivity


Check this link of YouTube  for finding sensitivity






How to find gyroscope sensitivity? 

  • For finding gyroscope sensitivity you need to do same drill as like firing sensitivity. 
  • To on gyroscope sensitivity you need to select this options in basic setting. Gyroscope setting :- scope on or always on 
  • Some player’s  are thinking this person is noob and giving advice to use by doing Random article. 
  • No my friend I do too much practice and find this method. I give you only sensitivity setting is not the way to find your sensitivity, Because sensitivity don’t only depends on’s depends on your phone and your skills or gameplay style

For those who come here for only  sensitivity 

My phone :- redmi note 7 pro
Full gyroscope player

Sensitivity setting

  • Rotation Mode        :- Speed acceleration      50 
  • Sensitivity Switch  :- switch while opening ads
  • Sensitivity Presets :- Custom
Camera sensitivity
  •  Standard sensitivity                           79
  • Ads sensitivity                                     160
  • Tactical scope                                      140
  • Sniper scope                                          70
  • 3x scope                                                120
  • 4x scope                                                100               
  • 6x scope                                   scope not available
  • 8x scope                                   scope not available
Firing sensitivity
  • Standard sensitivity                           90
  • Ads sensitivity                                    160
  • Tactical scope                                     140
  • Sniper scope                                         25
  • 3x scope                                                  0
  • 4x scope                                                  0
Gyroscope sensitivity
  • Standard sensitivity                            95
  • Ads sensitivity                                      95
  • Tactical scope                                       55
  • Sniper scope                                         18
  • 3x scope                                                 60
  • 4x scope                                                 50
This article is only for multiplayer mode. After some days I will add battle Royal mode strategy also so stay tuned. 

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That’s it gamer, if you like a article make sure to comment and if you need any help regarding call of duty mobile come to my YouTube channel comment my any videos I will contact you and help you. 
Avjo  bye ❤
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