How to get SP-R 208 in cod mobile?

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Hello gamers call of duty mobile season 2 is out and it will come with to many new things one of them is SP-R 208 in cod mobile.SP-R 308 is bolt-action rifle in cod mobile.

SP-R 208 is come with too many new attachment but In this article only we gonna discuss about SP-R 308 How to get SP-R 208, Stats and some Q&A regarding SP-R 208 in cod mobile.

Stats Of SP-R 208 without attachment

SP-R Stats
Stats type Stats value
Damage 77
Fire Rate 27
Accuracy 67
Range 56
SP-R 208 stats

Way to get SP-R 208 in cod mobile

To get | unlock SP-R 208 player need to complete the season Elite Marksmen mission under limited period of time

Elite Marksmen mission SP-R 208

Here is the all ELite marksmen task player need to complete for SP-R 208

  • Kill 5 Enemies with sniper rifle
  • Earn long shot medal 5 time ( for this mission I recommend use any AR or SMG because in cod mobile for AR and SMG long shot consider above 30 range but for sniper and marksmen rifle 70+ range which is hard and some time cod mobile don’t consider long shot)
  • kill 10 enemies with Agile perk equipequipped
  • Kill 15 enemies with NA-45 ( if any body don’t have NA-45 you can buy from store by cod coin which is earn by playing game)
  • Kill 20 Enemies with headshot any NA-45 ( for this mission I recommend this NA-45 loadout this is not the best )

NA-45 for headshot

Muzzle :- OWC Light Suppressor

Barrel :- RTC Modified

Perk :- Sleight Of hand

Laser :- OWC Laser -Tactical

Underbarrel :- Light Trigger

that’s it I hope you get you New Gun in collection SP-R 308, here is some video of office call of duty mobile about SP-R 208

SP-R 308 @playCodMobile

Now let some Q&A of SP-R 208

Q&A regarding SP-R 208

Is SP-R 308 is good gun in cod mobile

yes, because this gun have big value in cod warzone and many pro players use instead of sniper rifle as a SP-R 308.

Is SP-R 308 have good mobility?

Yes, SP-R 308 have very nice mobility for movement but is have some problems in slow scope open but we can solve this problem by adding attachment .

Is SP-R 308 is like killo bol-taction?

yes, SP-R is like Killo bolt-action but in SP-R we get to many new attachment which make SP-R 308 more powerful.

That’s it gamers I hope you get all information about SP-R 208 in cod mobile, if you have any question above SP-R let me know in comment box.

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