Hello gamers 

        In today article I’m gonna give you perfect way to How to make career in Gaming in 2023.

          In this article I don’t give you any tips to make money in 5 minutes or 10 minutes by playing games any more. 

  • So don’t expect from me to I will give you easy way to make money. 

  • Yes, You need to do hardwork for make money. But you can enjoy to play games and learn to much for your future plans also. 

So here is topic to make How to make career in Gaming in  by playing games in 2023

1.Take part in tournament

     Take part in tournament is too easy now a day in online games.

  • By take part in tournament you can earn daily 1000+ India rupee if you want the match. 

Here is some app where you can take part in tournament and earn money. Some of them are free to participate and some of  you need to pay participate fee to play tournament. 


      Gaming Monk is one of the best app in India to take part in tournament free and earn money. 

      Here you don’t need to pay single rupee to play to tournament and win the money. 

In gaming monk you can play games tournament like 
  • CODM
  • Garena free fire
  • Pubg pc 
  • GTA 5
  • Reinbow six siege
  • Clash Royal
  • Brawl star
  • Valorant
  • CS:Go
  • Fortnite
  • League of legend’s
  • Dota 2
  • Tekken 7
  • 8 ball pool 
  • Fifa 20 
And many more games. All games have different different prize pool for daily tournament. 



          Game. Tv is one to the growing tournament host name in India. Because tournament is hosted by India gaming steamers. And they need to do live stream of tournament in streaming platform. 

Game. Tv is mobile gaming tournament option in India. By winning in tournament you can earn more than 1000+ India rupee. 

In game. Tv you can play tournament of the games like….. 
  • Free fire 
  • Codm 
  • brawl stars
  • Pubg mobile
  • Animal tower battle
  • league of legends
There are many more app to earn by playing games online like 


In mpl you can play all games In MPL app only
  • Rogue Heist

  • Fantasy games
  • MPL Fantasy Cricket 
  • MPL Rummy
  • Ludo
  • Chess
  • Call break
  • Bubble shooters 
And many more. In MPL you can play 1vs 1 with others players and win money. Take part in MPL fantasy league and earn more than 1 lakh rupee in a day. 


4.Paytm first game

Paytm first game is same as MPL. In this app you can earn money by giving answer of the question and earn money
There many more app where you can take part in tournament and earn money. Just search online game tournament for any region. 

2.Play for orgs

To play for orgs you need to proved your self that your are the one of best players that game in above tournament app. 

  • Best orgs like TSM, ORANGE ROCKS, NOVA, S8UL, RRQ and many more got eyes on that tournament. 

  • So players need to give here best in tournament section to play for orgs

  • The orgs can pay you money for playing from there orgs. 

  • May be you got Sponsores also  for lifetime. 


One of the best way to earn money right now is Streaming. But for streaming you need to do too much hard work in starting of streaming

       There are too many streaming platform like YouTube, twitch, Facebook gaming, loco 

Here you need to grow you gaming channel to entertain the audience and monetize the channel for earning

In YouTube you need to do completed 1000 subscribe and 4000 hr watching time for earning money. 

There are many more option to earn money by streaming you can see full details in this article make sure to check it 

4.Host tournament

  • As we can see in stating you can take part in tournament and earn money more than 1000+ India rupee

  • There is another way also to make money by gaming is host tournament online in any platform like monk gaming, game. Tv or make own website or app to earn money. 

  • From my knowledge by host tournament organization can earn 1000 rupee from 1 hosting tournament. 

  • There are many more company offers you to make tournament and management by there company name. 

And you will get sponsored for hosting tournament online 

  • If you streaming that tournament on YouTube may be you will get too many sponsored for tournament to earn money. 

5.Game review

  Game Review is one of the best way to earn money and play upcoming new game. 

In game Review basically players need play upcoming new game and give review about game to company what ever it is bad or good. 

But to find this type of company is to hard so here is one website which is give platform to play game to players and earn money . 


Gametesterplus is platform were new game give chance players play upcoming new games and earn money. 

In Gametesterplus players need to just select game to play and give feedback about that game for earning money. 

Also in Gametesterplus players can select there payout like money or gift card of gaming technology and many more. 

Players can select any of them to receive there reward for playing game and give feedback. 

6.Best games to make money online

To find Best game to make money online you need to know the trending of game. Which players streaming more and playing more. There are some of my best game where I can make money online 

  • PUBG mobile
  • Codm 
  • Free fire 
  • Clash of clans 
  • Clash Royale
  • Chess
  • Velorant
  • Cod warzone
  • Cs : go 
And many more 

That’s it for today I hope you will get some information by this article and enjoy it to reading. 

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