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       So in today Article, I told you how to unlock brand new class in call of duty mobile the Refitter class. And also some tips and tricks to use Refitter class in battle Royal

Note:- if you don’t unlock in season 12. You need to wait for this class available in store to buy. Check in store to see available or not and to buy this class you need to collect 3000 to 5000 Coins. 

So first we talk about, 

Why you need to unlock Refitter class in codm? 

Refitter is the new meta class I tell you why ? 
  • Because Refitter class give you extra body armor as health bar which decrease the damage on the body of the player. 
  • Player health is only decrease if player take damage on the head.
  • You can see extra armor health bars in right side of health 3 bule color bar  
    How to unlock Refitter class in codm

  • Also it will repair body armour automatically of armor is damage. 
  • After upgrade the class the damage of your vehicle recover 2% every 5 second of the game. 
  • And alow to pick 2 time armor Health you and your teammate. 

How to unlock Refitter class in cod mobile? 

To unlock New Refitter class you need to complete Beast of Burden mission which you can find in 

Event > Featured > Beast of Burden

Event > Featured > Beast of Burden

For unlock Refitter class you need to play battle Royal mode in call of duty mobile

Which mission  I need to do for unlock Refitter class? 

You need to do Beast of burden mission’s to unlock the Refitter class and you need to do 120 point for unlock Refitter

In this mission some of the mission have 10 points some of have 20 point.  There are too many mission so You can select mission and complete what you like more and easy for you. 

The mission are in Beast of Burden is 

  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop in Battle Royal 3 times ( 10 point) 
  • Heal 1500 point in battle Royal ( l0 point) 
  • Use armor plate to repair your vest in BR 5 time ( 10 point) 
  • Play 3 BR matches with friends ( 20 point) 
  • Open weapon supply box 5 time in BR (10 point) 
  • Pick up an epic weapon 5 times in BR ( 10 point) 
  • Kill 3 enemies in Downtown area in BR ( 10 point) 
  • Survive in Battle Royal for 20 minutes ( 10 point 
  • Enter the top 15 in battle Royal 2 times ( 20 point) 
  • Rescue teammate 2 time in battle Royal ( 20 point) 
  • Play 3 matches on Alcatraz map ( 10 point) 
  • Deal 2000 damage in Battle Royal ( 10 point) 

If you visit this article after 10 days you don’t need to do this mission and you need wait for this class for next upcoming season. 
And need to check every season in shop to buy bay CP. 

Now let’s me give you some tips and tricks
By answer the question 

How to use Refitter class in call of duty mobile? 

  • To use this class use you need to armor up your armor by sheds and than use Refitter class for extra armor. 
  • Try to don’t take damage on head. 
  • Always make 3 bar of armor health full for take low damage. 
  • Try to upgrade the class for good gameplay because upgrade give you power of repair vehicle 2% in every 5 second. 
  • Give armor when ever your teammate need because of this your team armor increase and you don’t need to revival to you teammate too much. 
  • Pick 2 time armor health after upgrade the class. 
  • If your armor health is try to make first rush in any compound

That it game for today, I include tips in this article if I gate any new ideas about. 

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