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Operators skills is advance or New technical   weapons to fight in call of duty mobile

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What are operator skills in cod mobile? 

Operators skills is advance or New technical weapons to fight in call of duty mobile. 

We can Use operator Skills in Multiplayer as well as Battle royale mode also in cod mobile. 

Operator skills in Multiplayer Mode of call of duty mobile

In multiplayer mode players can not use all game operator in codm. 

To use operator  in Multiplayer mode players need to charge operator skills. 

If players use operator in game than to use second time players need to recharge the operator by killing Enemies and gain point by helping team. 

Operator skills in Battle Royale mode of cod mobile

In Battle Royale mode to use operator skills is different than Multiplayer mode.

In battle Royale mode players don’t need to recharge operator skills, but players need to find the operator skill and there amo. Which is very hard. 

How do you get operator skills in Call of Duty Mobile?

When players complete level 4 in call of duty mobile,players will get his first operator skills to equipment in multiplayer loadout. 

To get more other operator skills players need to level up in the game. Maximum level in the game is 150.

Also call of duty mobile add new operator skills after every new rank season.

To get new operator skills players need to complete mission according to season update. 

How to get operator skills in battle Royale mode of call of duty mobile? 

To use operator skills In battle Royale mode players don’t need to unlock the skills, 

But they can use directly  use operator skills by finding in battle Royale map. 

Best place to find operator skills  in battle Royale mode is players need to loot airdrop in call of duty mobile. 

All operator skills in call of duty mobile

There are total 13 operator skills at the end of season 1 new Oder (2021)  in call of duty mobile

#1 Purifier

Purifier is the Flamethrower operator in call of duty mobile.

       When players use this operator skill player get gun like upper image. 

To kill enemies with this operator skill players need to just tap on fire button in device , when players tap on fire button and this gun will blast close-range steam (flame) of scorching fire to enemies. 

By this operator skills, players can fight with multiple enemies at same place. 

Purifier operator skill players  can use in Multiplayer as well as Battle Royale mode also in call of duty mobile. 

#2 Death machine

Death machine

Death machine is a handheld mini machine gun. 

When players use this operator skill players don’t need to reload the gun.

 Also if player kill enemies firing accuracy and firing speed will increase. 

This gun don’t have unlimited amos so players need to use bullets very carefully. 

This operator skill most useful for holding position in multiplayer mode. 

#3 War machine

War machine

War machine is fully automatic Grenade launcher operator skill. 

To use this operator players need to just aim and press fire button. 

Also when player use this operator in air the grenade go down in parabolic way, so player can kill any player who hold any cover in the game. 

This operator have limited amount upto 10 but 1 grenade can kill all enemies player if please use perfectly. 

This operator skill is most useful to make opening in Hardpoint and Domination mode in multiplayer cod mobile. 

#4 Transform shield

Transform shield

Transform shield is places an expandable shield operator skill. 

When player use this operator skill player get transform shield in (ground) front which can protect the player. 

Also generates Microwave radiation continuously  from the front which give damage and slowing enemies who close to the shield in front. 

This operator is best use for capture the point in domination and hold the position in Hardpoint mode in multiplayer mode of call of duty mobile. 

#5 Sparrow


Sparrow is the blasting arrows operator skill in call of duty mobile.

When player use this operator player get Sparrow in hand for some period of time. 

To kill with this operator player need aim on enemies and fire to enemies legs which blast the bomb near to Eminem and give damage. 

This operator is also like war machine which can kill multiple enemies with one arrow. 

Also if player hold this operator for longer amount of time it will increase the range of sparrow to blasting. 

In this operator player get limited sparrow to use. 

This operator is best useful in make opening in the multiplayer. 

#6 Tempest


Tempest is lightning current operator skills, which player can use in both multiplayer and battle Royale mode in call of duty mobile. 

To use this operator skill players need to aim and power up first by pressing fire button. After power up players need to release fire button to kill enemies player. 

In tempest operator skills players power charge  9 time only in multiplayer mode. 

With this operator skills players can fight with enemies from long distance. 

#7 H. I. V. E

H. I. V. E

H.I.V.E is operator skills which launch a trap of proximity mine. 

By using this H. I. V. E operator skills player can release 5  swarm of nano drones that kill nearby enemies. 

This operator most useful to stop flank from enemies player. 

#8 Gravity spikes

Gravity spikes is one of the annoying operator skills to enemies. 

When player use this operator skills player can jump up and slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to nearby enemies. 

This operator skills most useful to destroy enemies who campaign on hard point or domination point in multiplayer mode of the cod mobile. 

After use one time this operator player need to change energy for use second time. 

#9 Annihilor


Annihilator is auto enemies trackers operator in call of duty mobile.Also Annihilator have high material penetration ammo which kill enemies by one shot no matter where damage take enemies will die. 

To kill with annihilator operator players need to lock enemies by open Ads. 

This operator is best use in spawn trap to opponent and destroy Scorestrike. 

#10 Shadow balde

Shadows blades

Shadow blade is high mobility operator skills and enemies sporting skill in smoke. 

When use this operator skills player get smoke around him to spot enemies player and kill enemies swiftly. 

Also the movement of the shadow blade player is to high which is very difficult to spot by enemies. 

#11 Equalizer


Equalizer is Dual integrated machine gun with built in suppressor operator skills in call of duty mobile. 

Equalizer operator skills is also high mobility operator and player get 2 gun in hand to fight with enemies. 

By equalizer operator skills player can win close combat Easley. 

#12 Balastic shield

Balastic shield

Ballistic shield operator skills by which player can move around the map  carrying high durable shield in front  of the player.

Also when player use this operator skills player get mili weapons in hand to kill enemies. 

This operator skills help to push building or hardpoint with cover. 

#13 Gravity Vortex

Gravity vortex

Gravity vortex is new operator skills in new Oder season 1 2021. Gravity vortex is basically Launcher that fires vortex projectiles that distort gravity. 

Gravity vortex work like black hole in university which destroyed and absorbed anything in close around him. 

Also when the vortex disppears it give explosive d
damage everything in its path. 

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