New update in call of duty mobile in the end of year 2020 (4dec)

 New update in call of duty mobile in the end of year 2020 dec(4 dec) . 

Hello gamers
Kem chho? 
Maja ma? 

 In today article we discussing new update of call of duty mobile. This is short news article so I hope you get some information. 

So the biggest update in codm is new class for Battle Royal (BR) mode the Refitter class

Which is used for, 

Before upgrade the class

Armor pack 

 Place armor packs that can be picked up by yourself and your teammates each layers can be reduce damage,  excluding the head. 

After upgrade the class player can use above armor pack also and get some greaser


Slowly repair and increase the durability limit of your armor and vehicle. 

I hope this class give good gameplay to players as like other class 

So the next update in call of duty mobile is new lucky drow ( PRIMEVAL DROW) 

In this drow we gate brand new character skin 

Sentinel Recon-Primal

Sentinel Recon-Primal

Which give fears to enemy player 

Second we get in this Lucky drow is  Drow gun skin ( DR-H Wicked-clow) 

Which come with inbuilt gunsmith 

Barrel :-    OWC Maskman
Stock :-      no stock
Laser :-     OWC Laser-Tactical
Ammunition :-  30 Round OTM Mag
Rear Grip :-    Stipplef Grip Tape

Third we get in this lucky drow one more gun skin ( Arctic .50 Visceral) 

Which come with inbuilt gunsmith

Muzzle  :- OWM Light suppressor

Optics    :- 3x tactical scope A
Stock     :- OWC Skeleton stock
PERK     :-  FHJ

Forth we get in this lucky drow BEST CLAW EMOTE

It’s look like cut the enemy’s body by Lion nails

Fifth we get in this lucky drow is COMBAT AEX – Visceral

It’s redias and damage is 35 and 100 respectively. 

Sixth we get in lucky drow is KNIFE Visceral

Whit this stets

And it’s look like

Also we have more items get in this lucky drow

  1. Charm – ferocious
  2. Hunter stalker calling card
  3. New backpack skin
  4. Primal

Charm – ferocious

Hunter stalker calling card

New backpack skin


That’s it gamers for this update you don’t need to download resources this is inbuilt update by call of duty mobile. 

Thank you for visiting the site

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