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Hello Gamers in this article I’m gonna give you information about Persistence Perk in cod mobile. As we know in call of duty mobile there are 4 type of Perk 1. Red Perk, 2. Green perk, 3.Blue perk and 4. Attachment type perks.Persistence perk is one the Red Perk in cod mobile.

Persistence perk

Function of Persistence Perk in cod mobile

Persistence Perk is used to maintain Scorestrikes point in cod mobile Multiplayer.

In detail :- In call of duty mobile multiplayer player need to earn points to active Scorestriks by killing player or doing task in cod mobile. If player kill by enemies player than player need to restart to collecting point for any Scorestriks if players don’t equipment Scorestriks perk.

For this problem players use Persistence perk in cod mobile. This perks help to collect point. Like if player collecting point for UAV which is 500 and player killed by enemies player at 400 point than after respawn player need to collect only 100 point to active UAV.

In which mode players need to use Persistence Perks?

Players can use Persistence perks in Death match, hardpoint and Domination mode of cod mobile multiplayer. Try to use only when you use bige point Scorestriks like VTOL, advance UAV and many more.

Point for every Scorestriks in cod mobile

Shield Turret300
Shock RC450
Hunter killer Drown 500
Care package550
Predator- Missile700
MQ-27 Dragonefire750
Sentry Gun800
SAM turret850
XS1 Goliath900
Cluster strike950
Stealth chopper1000
EMP system1300
Advance UAV1400

Some Q&A for Persistence Perk

How to get persistence Perk in cod mobile?

To get persistence Perk players need to reach profile level 14 in cod mobile.

What is best combo of perks with Persistence in cod mobile?

player can use this combo if they like to play with them
Red :- Persistence
Green :- Vulture
Blue :- Dead silence

That’s it gamers I hope you like all information about Persistence Perk in cod mobile. Make sure to check other article also like

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