Hello Gamer’s So today we talk about loadouts and gunsmith in call of duty mobile. So let me  tell you how we define loadouts and gunsmith. 

LOADOUTS:-  A set of objects to be carried in the battle field. 

GUNSMITH:-  A gunsmith is a person who can repairs, rebuild guns,modifies, designs, or builds guns. 

Which time loadouts and gunsmith come in call of duty mobile ? 

    In session 9 update call of duty mobile come up with big update in mobile FPS game we called as Loadouts and gunsmith.


In Loadouts we can customized loadouts like equip weapons, equip different melee weapon also we can equip Throwebles(like grenade, smoke,Molotove etc) and we can equipped different perks in loadouts. 

In this game loadouts layout are different different for multiplayer and battle Royal mods. And both mod have different equipment equip. 
Here is the picture of loadouts layout 


Battle royale Layout


Now  in Gunsmith we can  customized  all weapon in call of duty mobile. 

How gunsmith layout look like in call of duty mobile? 

Here is the picture of gunsmith Layout

Gunsmith Layout

Were we can gunsmith with 
  • Muzzle
  • Barrel
  • Optic
  • Stock
  • Perk
  • Leaser
  • Underbarrel
  • Ammunition
  • Rear grips. 

By selecting this option you can make nice gunsmith of any gun the way you like to play games.

For gunsmith you can select only 5 components from about. 

How gamers make best gunsmith in call of duty mobile? 

For creating good gunsmith players see states of gun. 
Here is the way how players make best gunsmith:-
  • If players can not control the recoil of the gun than hem can control by adding underbarrel or rear grips and  stock. 
  • If players want to long range gun they can increase by adding nuzzle or barrel
  • For improving aim they can add leasers 
This way of different uses gunsmith can make. 

In call of duty mobile every players have there unique play style. Some one like to play passive, some play aggressive, some like hold and play, some like smg or assault rifle or snipers or lmgs etc. So the players make gunsmith according to there play stlye. 

Also different different gunsmith make for multiplayer and battle Royal mod of the game. 


I can’t share all Gun gunsmith here but I share some that you get some idia about your gunsmith


For multiplayer 


Here I use 

Barrel:- YKM integral suppreser
Optic :-  red dot sight
Perk :-  FMJ
Leser :- MIP Laser 5mW 
Ammunition:- 50 rounded Exended mag 

For Battle Royal 

Long range m4 Loadout

Here I use 

Barrel    :-  OWC Marksman 
Optic      :-  RTC 4.4x tactical scope
Stock      :- YKM Combat Stock 
Underbarrel:- operator Foregrip 
Rear grip :- Granulated Grip Tape


Qq9 Loadout

Here I use 

Barrel :- monolithic integral suppreser
Stock   :- No stock
Perk    :- Double kill
Leaser :- OWC laser- tactical 
Ammunition :- 10mm 30 Round reload

3. Chopper 


Here I use 
  • Muzzle :-monolithic suppreser
  • Barrel:- chopper heavy 
  • Perk :- Fmj
  • Leaser:- YKM Leaser – ranger
  • Underberrel:-  heavy handle

What is the game before gunsmith and loadouts come? 

Before gunsmith come upto end of sessions 8 we  can only equi one type of  
  • Muzzle
  • Barrel
  • Optic
  • Stock
  • Perk
  • Leaser
  • Underbarrel
  • Ammunition
  • Rear grips.     

  In multiplayer mode. but after update we can get different different muzzle, barrel, optic, stock, perk, leasers, underbarrel, ammunition and rear grips. 

Before update in battle Royal we need to peak components from ground and equip make gunsmith like pubg mobile. But after update you can take use gunsmith from drops. 

Here is some pics to show you from which gunsmith and loadouts come by call of duty mobile. 

Step 1


Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

I hope you get information about loadouts and gunsmith which you find. 

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