What is meta gun in call of duty mobile?

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  • What is meta gun in cod mobile? 
  • Why cod mobile add meta gun in the game? 
  • What effect after add every session different meta gun in cod mobile? 

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So today  article I provide you some information about meta guns and meta guns related questions answers. 
Let me first talking about, 

What is meta gun? 

Meta gun is the gun which overpower or we say best gun in the game. 
If any pro players vs pro players have same skills but on player use meta gun and other not use meta gun there is more chances of win meta gun user players in the game.
In call of duty mobile meta guns change every session by cod mobile. 


Why call of duty mobile add meta gun in some period of time? 

Codm change meta gun some period of time because they want to make every player learn to play with every guns and know about every gun value in the game. And also meta gun make excitement of the game. 
Meta guns give new idea about the how to play game and improve gameplay of the player. 


What benefits to call of duty mobile by change meta gun every sessions? 

There is also some benefit of call of duty mobile to changing meta guns in every session on earning.
 They add skin draws, make bundles of that guns and sell, make player to buy battle pass for good looking guns. There are more many things with help of meta guns call of duty mobile make money. 


What effect after add every session different meta gun in cod mobile?

Due to meta guns change every players play with only meta guns and rank push faster on the leaderboard. 
Due to meta guns other players who don’t use meta guns they can’t fight  against meta gun user players because of this players rage the game and quite. And this make interest down of the game. 
Not every players afford to buy crates, bundle things so this make players because of this players interest to play game become low. 


Here is the some details of meta guns of some session. ( only one gun mention here for every session) 

In season 8   : – KN-44 and HBRa3
In season 9   :- KRM-262 and kilo bolt-action
In season 10 :- ASM10 , KN-44 AND QQ9 
In season 11 :- HG40, Man-O-War and DLQ
in call of duty mobile there is different different gun section like Assault rifle, SMG, LMG, shotgun, sniper and Bolte-action. I’m every session in every section At least one gun is meta. 

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