Hello gamers welcome back to new blog of gaming. In this blog we gonna know some important things about warzone mobile before global lunch so we can go Hard in the game and become one of the pro players.

            So what you know first 😉? I think I know let me guess


When is warzone  mobile is gonna lunch globally?

         Well there is no singn from official about warzone mobile global lunch date . But there are some leak and some big youtuber like Parker theslayer predict that warzone mobile is gonna lunch alongwith Modern warfare 3 at date of November 10 ,2023. So prepare yourself for madness of battale royal.

What is specifications of warzone mobile?

         In “Warzone mobile,” movement involves basic controls like walking, sprinting, crouching, and going prone. Players can also jump, mantle over obstacles, and slide. 

        The firing mechanics are similar to other first-person shooters: you aim down sights to improve accuracy, fire weapons using the trigger button, and reload when needed. Recoil control is important for maintaining accuracy while shooting, and different weapons have varying rates of fire, bullet drop, and damage.

       “Warzone Mobile” maintains the core essence of its console and PC counterpart but is adapted for mobile gaming. The main differences between “Warzone Mobile” and other mobile games include:


1. Battle Royale Experience: Similar to the console/PC version, “Warzone Mobile” offers a battle royale experience with a shrinking play area, scavenging for weapons, and aiming to be the last player or team standing.

2. Familiar “Call of Duty” Universe: Just like the original, “Warzone”  Warzone Mobile features weapons, equipment, and elements from the “Call of Duty” universe, appealing to fans of the franchise.

3. Mobile-Friendly Controls: The game incorporates touch controls optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to move, aim, shoot, and interact seamlessly using touch inputs.

4. Smaller Scale: Due to mobile hardware limitations and shorter play sessions, “Warzone Mobile” might feature a smaller player count or a smaller map compared to its console/PC counterpart.

5. Graphics and Performance: Graphics and performance are adjusted to suit mobile devices while maintaining a visually appealing experience.

6. Gameplay Adjustments: “Warzone Mobile” may make gameplay adjustments to accommodate shorter match durations and the mobile gaming environment.

7. Monetization: Like many mobile games, “Warzone Mobile” may implement in-app purchases for cosmetics, battle passes, or other items to support the free-to-play model.

8. Mobile-Specific Features: “Warzone Mobile” could introduce features unique to mobile gaming, such as gyroscopic aiming, swipe-based controls, or other innovations tailored to mobile gameplay.


What is requirment to play warzone mobile?

 Currently warzone mobile is in beta stages so not all the mobile  device can run the game but here is some information if you wanna play in beta of warzone mobile
Apple :- iPhone 8 and upper version of iPhone /most of the iPads with minimum 4GB ram 
Android :- most of the adreno 618and more + 6GB ram Android phone
         So this is because game is still in beta run but when the game lunch in global  I think most of the Android device which have 4Gb ram + 128 gb storage can run this game easily so wait for global lunch if you can play in beta right now.
Gamers that’s for today blog I hope you like the information .let me know in comments section if I forget something to inform you. Thank you so much for joining.



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