Why call of duty mobile not growing in India like pubg mobile?

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Hello call of duty mobile are you here? This article for you buddy

      So In this article we talk about why the call of duty mobile not growing in India like pubg mobile?  

      So here is some problem,why call of duty mobile not growing

    1. Not Good Server   

             So the as we know call of duty mobile is mobile game and most of the players plays on mobile data like Jio, Airtel and Vodafone. 

    Mobile data is high fluctuating data not like wifi stable data  so when players play the game ping of the game is changing  too much. In India normal ping on mobile data is 40-60ms where players have no problem to play, 

    but some time or I say in a day 3 to 4 time ping goes to high ping 200+ms. This problem decrease the player interest in codm 

    Where pubg mobile have no problem ping that much as codm, somehow pubg manage this problem

    2. Too Much High heating

                As we know the  most mobile buying range in India is 10k – 20k and this mobile are not good as like iPhone, rog gaming phone or Sony. 

    As a gamers if we wanna to play this game we need to use mobile cooling fan,  fan and cooler or need actually in the room which cannot afford everyone in India And also after anniversary Update gamer’s need to buy a new phone like Sony (sorry for target Sony) which actually not available in India hahaha. 
    In the other side pubg mobile some how manage playing games without headphones and low heating which players like more. 

    3. Game glitches

                 So  some of pro players say that call of duty mobile Developers  fast to solve problems that’s nice,But let me mention some problem or glitches which are I think take too much time Development

    •  In br scope in knock and player move back side. 

    • Door  glitches like enemy player see from far no matter door open or close
    • Vehicle glitches like when we stop any vehicle player flying in the air without airborne. 
    • Or parachute glitches which are the most interesting part of  the game. 
    • Probe glitches
    • And mp have noted that much glitches, but some glitches like taking a gun shot behind wall(not Wallbangable walls). 
    • High power meta guns in mp. 

    4. Call of duty mobile not make competitive senior that much interesting

             As we know pubg mobile game which grow mobile eSports in India or we can say pubg mobile is the game which grow the mobile gaming in the India by eSports. Also pubg mobile makes an interesting game by casting tournament platform like YouTube and Facebook. And also make conversation with Competitive players and content creators who plays pubg mobile. 

    In other side 
    call of duty mobile !!! 
    Hello are you there? We don’t even see the how mym quality of India region.  And how we know the Indian have this teams in competitive senior? 
     How we improve over games? How we learn more in games? How we take part in competitive senior? 

    I hope this article reach call of duty mobile before new update. 

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